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Our Senses Opening Day

Saturday, February 8, 2020 10:00 AM — 1:00 PM

Great Hall

Enjoy hands-on activities and games that’ll engage your senses as we celebrate Fernbank’s newest exhibit, Our Senses: An Immersive Experience.

Scheduled Activities*

Optical and Tactile Illusions
Nu Rho Psi, Georgia State University
Question reality at the illusion table. Experience a range of optical and tactile illusions from the cutaneous rabbit illusion to the hole in the hand activity that will make you wonder what's real and what your brain is making you think is real.

Visual Illusions
Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
Play a version of the game we use to determine whether monkeys see the same visual illusions we do. This helps to answer questions about the degree to which these are a result of the physiology of vision rather than cultural quirks.

Touch a Brain
Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
See and touch REAL brains! Explore the complex relationships between sensing and perceiving, including how humans and other species simply could not survive without senses—or the brain that decodes sensory information as perceptions. Compare a horse brain, human brain, monkey brain and more. 

Taste Game
Challenge your sense of taste as you discover the five basic flavors and discover what they can tell us about the food we eat.

Hot and Cold
How does your body tell heat from cold? Trick your sense of touch and see how it adapts to the environment around us.

Hone in on Hearing
trying to identify mystery objects by shaking their containers

Sniff like a Bat
Humans don’t detect scents as well as other animals – see how well you would do as a bat, trying to find your way through a crowd with your sense of smell.

Cost: Included with general museum admission. Members FREE!

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