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Please read this important information before making your membership purchase:

General Membership FAQs

Q. What is included in a Fernbank Membership?
A. All memberships enjoy unlimited daytime general admission, which includes access to rotating special exhibits and one giant screen movie during each visit, year-round access to 75 acres of outdoor adventures in WildWoods and Fernbank Forest, and discounts on purchases in the Museum Store and Fernbank Café. Memberships are nonrefundable, nontransferable and valid only for the adult(s) listed on the membership.

Q. When will I receive my membership cards? 
A. Purchasers will receive an email with instructions on how to download a digital membership card within a week of their membership purchase. If you would like a paper membership card, please contact Member Services at or by calling 404.929.6340. Paper membership cards may take up to an additional 2 weeks to receive by mail.   

Q. How do I reserve my member e-tickets for admission?
A. Members must register their account before reserving free tickets — follow these step-by-step instructions to participate. 

Q. Can I visit Fernbank if I do not have my membership cards? 
A. Yes. Please bring your photo ID and e-tickets for admission, as well as discounts on purchases in the Museum Store and Fernbank Café. 

Q. Why do I have to present my photo ID along with my digital card for admission and discounts? 
A. Fernbank Museum requires all members to present their membership card and a photo ID if e-tickets were not reserved in advance. In order to prevent the misuse of membership privileges, this process enables a member who loses their membership card to know that no one else can use their membership. Please note that IDs for all listed members will be checked.   

Q. My membership includes guest passes. How do I redeem these passes? 
A. Guest passes are stored on your membership account and can only be redeemed in person at the Box Office.  Member(s) must be present to redeem all guest passes. Please note: Guest passes expire when the current year’s membership ends. Passes are only valid during regular, daytime hours and are not redeemable for after-hours events unless otherwise noted.

Q. Can I let a friend or family member not listed on my membership use my card? 
A: No. Your membership benefits are exclusively for the individuals listed on your membership. Memberships are nontransferable and nonrefundable.  

Q. Can I send my childcare provider/parent to Fernbank Museum with my children? 
A. Only if there is a caregiver listed on your membership. You can purchase a caregiver add-on for $35 per caregiver, with a maximum of two caregivers per membership. Family Adventurer level members and above receive a free add-on, which can be used for a caregiver. For security purposes, we require that you provide us with the name of your caregiver. The caregiver add-on is available to one named adult. Additional caregivers can be purchased for $35 each. A change in listed caregiver(s) is permitted once per membership period. Please note: Add-ons expire once the membership expires and do not roll over toward renewals if purchased late into the membership.

Q. What happens if I have an active membership and I renew early?
A. There is no penalty or lost months if you renew early.  We will automatically add the additional 12 months (or 24 months for 2-year memberships) to the end of your current membership period. 

Q. Can I apply my admission tickets toward a membership after visiting the museum?  
A. Yes. You will need your receipt or order number to complete the transaction. Please visit the Box Office before the end of the day or contact Member Services at or 404.929.6340 within seven days of your visit.   

Q. Can I upgrade my membership? 
A. Yes. You can upgrade your membership to a higher level at any time during the course of your membership. Those who choose to participate will only have to pay the difference in membership levels. Please note: Membership upgrades will not change your expiration date.  

Q. Does Fernbank Museum accept matching gift donations? 
A. Yes. We encourage matching gift donations from your employer as we are a nonprofit that relies on the generosity and support of others. Many corporations offer employee giving programs where they match donations or the tax-deductible component of your membership. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to see if your gift to Fernbank is eligible for a matching gift. Please note: Matching gifts cannot be used to upgrade your membership.   

If you have questions about which membership level is right for you, or if you are a current member and need assistance, please contact us at or 404.929.6340. 

Gift Membership FAQs

Q. How do I buy a gift membership?
A. Gift memberships can be purchased online, by phone at 404.929.6340 or in person at Fernbank’s Box Office. At the time of purchase, you will need to provide the gift recipient’s name(s) and address.

Q. When does a gift membership begin and end?
A. A gift membership begins on the purchase date. Depending on the membership term purchased, all memberships run through the last day of the month, one year or two years after the purchase date. For example, a one-year membership purchased on June 15, 2023 will expire on June 31, 2024.

Q. How will my recipient find out about the gift membership?
A. You can choose to have the membership welcome letter and membership cards delivered to either you or to the gift recipient. If purchasing a membership online, you will be asked if you would like the membership to be delivered to the “gift recipient” or “myself.” If you choose "gift recipient," we will send the letter and cards to the recipient; if you choose “myself,” the letter and cards will be sent to the gift giver. Please note: Memberships purchased online generate an order confirmation email. This email will only be sent to the purchaser’s email address.   

Q. Can I buy a gift membership today, but have it start at a date in the future?
A. No. Memberships start on the purchase date. Please do not make your purchase until you are ready for the membership to begin. The welcome pack will arrive within seven business days of your purchase to the specified recipient.

Q. What if I buy a gift membership for someone who already has a membership?
A. If you buy a gift membership and then find out your recipient has an active membership, you can merge the gift membership with the recipient’s current membership, adding time to their current membership. Gift memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

If you have questions about which membership level is right for you, or if you are a current member and need assistance, please contact us at or 404.929.6340.