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Membership Automatic Renewal

By signing up for Automatic Renewal, you are choosing the most sustainable and convenient way to support the museum you love. Plus, you’ll save 15% off your first year of membership when you sign up for Automatic Renewal. *
Automatic Renewal is also a convenient way to guarantee your benefits will always remain active and, if at any time you wish to opt out, simply contact Member Services at or 404.929.6340.

After making your membership selection, check the box “Sign me up for Automatic Renewal and renew this membership automatically when it expires.”  The credit card you provide will be charged on an annual basis on the day of expiration for the then-current price of your membership.

Automatic Renewal FAQs

Q. How do I opt in for automatic renewal of my membership?
A. You can sign up for Automatic Renewal online. While checking out, select the box labeled “Sign me up for Automatic Renewal and renew this membership automatically when it expires.” Be sure to use the discount code AUTOMATIC when checking out to receive 15% off.*

Q. What amount will I be charged for after my first year of membership?
A. You will be charged at the then-current rate for your current level of membership. Any discounts or offers are limited to your first year of auto renewal and will not be included after the initial term/year of your auto renewal. You will be notified of the transaction the month prior to the charge so that you can make changes if needed.

Q. How do I upgrade my membership if I’m set up for auto renewal?
A. You can upgrade your membership at any time by contacting the membership department at or 404.929.6340. The prorated price difference between your current and upgraded membership will be charged at the time of your upgrade and renew at the upgraded level moving forward.

Q. What information do you need to process my automatic renewal?
A. You will need to provide a credit card that will be securely kept on filed.  If your credit card expires or changes, please contact us at or 404.929.6340.

Q. When will my credit card be charged?
A. Your auto-renewal payment will be processed on the day of expiration which is the last day of the month that your current membership expires at the then current price on an annual basis.

Q. What if membership dues increase?
A. If membership rates increase, you will be sent an email the month prior to the charge so that you can review the new information and make changes as needed, i.e. select a different membership level or cancel your upcoming automatic renewal transaction.

Q. My circumstances have changed. How do I cancel future auto renewal transactions?
A. Please contact the membership office via email at least 30 days before your renewal date at or 404.929.6340

Q. When will I receive my membership card for my automatically renewed membership?
A. You will receive your digital membership cards within a week of the transaction date.

Q. Is my membership refundable or transferable to another household?
A. No, memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Q. Why should I choose Automatic Renewal?
A. Automatic Renewal is a great option because it is:
Eco-friendly: You will not receive renewal letters in the mail. This means no hassle and no more reminders filling up your mailbox (or your recycle bin!).
Sustainable: Show the museum that it can count on your support for developing exhibitions, taking care of objects and facilitating programs by not allowing your membership to lapse.
Convenient: Your membership and benefits will be ready when you need them. Fernbank will automatically renew your membership at the then-current price on the day of expiration using the credit card of your choice until you tell us to stop.

*Introductory offer valid only on the first year of enrollment. Future membership renewals will be charged at the then-current rate. Please Note: The 15% savings introductory offer may not be combined with other discounts (including Student, Senior, Military or Educator). Memberships are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Be sure to use the discount code AUTOMATIC when checking out to receive 15% off.

By enrolling in Automatic Renewal, you are authorizing Fernbank to automatically charge your credit card for your next memberships at the then-current price without any additional action by you. Contact us at or 404.929.6340 for more information or to modify or cancel your automatic membership renewal.