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Today’s Hours: 10am – 5pm
Museum Alive 3D

Museum Alive 3D

Showing exclusively during 

Evening showtimes available during Fernbank After Dark on July 13. 

Run time: 40 minutes

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When the Lights Go Down, the Past Comes Roaring Back to Life

The fantasy that drives sleepovers and fires the imagination of every museum visitor is at the very heart of Museum Alive 3D—What if the exhibits could come to life?

Follow one lucky visitor who stays in the museum after dark, when the most fascinating extinct prehistoric creatures rise again. Dinosaurs, a sabre-tooth tiger, giant birds and monster reptiles escape their display cases, shake off the dust and explore the museum, by means of stunning special effects.

And far from being just fantasy, everything in Museum Alive 3D is firmly rooted in the latest science, through a unique collaboration between leading paleontologists and award-winning CGI artists. Audiences will be treated to a thrilling, spectacular film that both educates and entertains—because as the lights go down, the past comes roaring back to life!

Narrated by iconic naturalist David Attenborough.