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Our favorite dinosaurs in media

It’s no secret that here at Fernbank we love dinosaurs and we even have our very own mascot -  Giggy the Giganotosaurus. Characters like Giggy bring the past to life, inspire us to learn and view the world in a new perspective. So, let’s go back in time and visit some our favorite dinosaur characters many of us grew up on!

10 Different Fernbank Museum Visitors

While working at a museum, you begin to pick up on the different kinds of people that visit day to day. For your entertainment, here is a very summarized list of visitors we often see.

EXCLUSIVE: A behind the scenes look at Fernbank’s Winter Wonderland

As we commemorate the 14th year of Winter Wonderland, we wanted to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what goes into installing an exhibit that we not only love but look forward to each year.

The Hidden Stories of WildWoods: AGLOW That Reveal the Magic of Nature

Unlike anything else in Atlanta, WildWoods: AGLOW returns for another season and we would like to let you in on a few tips and "secrets" on what to look for and how to interact with this immersive nighttime experience.

Top 10 Wedding Photos at Fernbank Museum

Most people think of Fernbank as a great destination for exploring and learning about science, nature and human culture. But did you know Fernbank is also a great place to host a spectacular event?

Fernbank Lights Up for November

It’s November in Atlanta, which means it’s finally starting to get cooler, the air is getting crisper and Fernbank is getting ready to give you a month full of fun exhibits, events and more!

3 Must-See Artifacts in Vikings: Warriors of the Sea and the Fun Facts Behind Them

Everyone will discover their favorite objects, artifacts and interactives in this exhibit (there are plenty to choose from!).

5 fang-tastic Halloween costumes at Fernbank Museum

With Halloween around the corner, Fernbank Museum is embracing spooky season; with all-ages events like Monster Mash to adult-only (21+) events, like Fright Night. With Halloween celebrations comes the need for a fang-tastic costume!

Fernbank's Weather Guide

Fernbank is the perfect destination no matter the weather!

Boos and Booze at upcoming Fernbank After Dark

To all the spooky season lovers and Halloween enthusiasts looking for things to do this year, Fernbank has quite a few!

Fernbank Museum’s most photo-worthy places

Here are nine spots at Fernbank where you can capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Fernbank Museum is SPOOKtacular - October Things to Do

Returning for its sixth year, guests can take a walk on the supernatural side when Fernbank Museum is haunted by friendly figures in the outdoor exhibit, “Woodland Spirits.”

5 native plants for home landscaping

Today, we want to share five native plants that are not only beautiful species but also some of our favorites that you can find here at Fernbank Museum.

5 Animals to meet during Animal Encounters at Fernbank Musuem

Explore the world of animals in a fun and hands-on way. During live animal encounters, you will learn about the basic needs of animals, how they live, grow and respond to different environments.

3 Ways to Experience Fernbank Like a VIP

Experience Fernbank like you never have before and like you never knew you could. Gain exclusive access to private tours, Fernbank’s live animal collection and more.